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Deadline for applications: January 21, 2022 (11:59 PM, Yerevan time)

Make sure you are eligible

  • The applications are open for all people without any geographical or age restrictions, as long as their projects are realized in the Republic of Armenia.  

  • Applicants can be from any creative discipline: Visual Arts; Fine Arts; Film, TV, and Animation; Music; Creative Design; Performative Arts; Architecture; Art curation; Literature; Arts Management, and beyond.

  • Projects that contribute to the development of the three Northern Regions of the Republic of Armenia (Shirak, Lori and/or Tavush regions) are encouraged.

  • Projects that have a potential to create synergies between creative industries and tourism are encouraged.

  • Highly encouraged: Projects that have potential for commercial success and the applicants are willing to accept investments, not merely grants or sponsorships.

  • Projects must be practical with a realistic approach to bring it to life.

  • Applicants are eligible to apply as individuals or teams of up to 3. Please note that each project should designate a team lead for the purpose of the incubation.

  • The Applicant must either be proficient in English or apply with a team member who is proficient in English. The live sessions of the incubation process will take place in English.

  • NOTE: While it is recommended to secure an English-proficient team member, if you cannot do so, please complete the application in Armenian and put in writing your request that a translator be provided to you for the duration of the incubation period.

Get your application in order


Before you begin the submission process, please make sure to have the following materials for upload. If you have these materials (one image, one video, 2 PDFs, and one optional additional PDF) ready, the submission process itself should take you no more than 15 minutes.

1. A high-resolution headshot/profile picture in PNG or JPG format. The size limit is 10MB.

2. A video introduction. We’d like to know a little more about you. Introduce yourself to us and tell us why you’re excited about your creative idea. You can film yourself by phone, camera, or webcam, and upload the pitch video to Google Drive / Vimeo / DropBox / YouTube (mp4, MPEG, AVI, FLV, or QuickTime format), and share the accessible link with us. (maximum duration is 3 minutes) 


3. A single PDF document (not exceeding 10MB) that answers the following questions. The single PDF document should include your name and surname at the top and be written in English or Armenian:

- Tell us about yourself and your creative career so far, including projects you’ve already brought to life. (250 word maximum)

- In one sentence, tell us about your creative project idea. (1 sentence maximum)

- Now, tell us a little more about the project. Why are you passionate about it? (250 words maximum)

- What is your project status and history? Is it an idea phase or more advanced? Is there a team around it? (250 words)

- Please include the names of up two team members who will participate with you in the incubator. Also, please note: Do you or another member of your team speak and write proficient English? In certain cases, you may request for an English-proficient team member to be added to your team for the purpose of the incubation period.

- Do you think your project has commercial potential? Why? Are you willing to work to make your project more attractive to investors? (250 words maximum)

Is your project connected to the Northern region of the Republic of Armenia? If so, explain. (100 words maximum)

- Is your project connected to the development of tourism in Armenia? If so, explain. (250 words maximum)

- What is the approximate budget of your project? Give us a brief breakdown of the financials. (100 words maximum)

- What is your projected timeline for this project? (100 words maximum)

- What are your expectations from the Artbox creative incubator? (100 words maximum)

4. Curriculum Vitae (not exceeding 10MB) that provides a comprehensive background and provides relevant links to the applicant’s works. The Curriculum Vitae should be in PDF format. The document should include your name and surname at the top and be written in English or Armenian.

5. OPTIONAL: Any one additional document (in PDF format, not exceeding 10MB) that would help us determine the artistic and impact value of your submission. This could be a portfolio of previous works, for example, or a lookbook of the current project.


The deadline for applications is January 21, 2022 (11:59 PM, Yerevan time). Please note that applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit further documents and to join a video interview for the final evaluation.

We receive applications exclusively through the application portal.

Applications will be evaluated by a rigorous committee through a selection process, based on the following evaluation criteria:


  • Compliance with the rules: Incomplete, late, or off-topic applications will not be considered.

  • Artistic value: The coherency and potential artistic impact of the creative project will be carefully analyzed.

  • Innovation: The innovative elements and originality of the creative project will be carefully assessed.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset & Profitability: The creative project’s potential for commercial success will be essential during evaluation.

  • Social impact: The creative project’s potential for generating a positive impact on the community it interacts with as well as the art and economy sectors will be considered.

  • Audience Reach: The creative project’s potential to attract wide audiences and have significant outreach in Armenia and beyond will be considered.

  • Potential to be tied to the tourism sector: The creative project’s possible and highly encouraged synergies with the tourism sector will be considered.

  • Impact on the Northern Regions: Creative projects taking place in or positively impacting the Northern regions of Armenia will be carefully assessed.

  • Credibility: The goals, resources, capacities, and expectations of the creative project must be adequate, achievable, and realistic.

Get to know our evaluation process